The Discovered Lost Witches of Aradia Maggie Sunseri paranormal fantasy romance

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The Illuminated by Maggie Sunseri Book3 of The Lost Witches of Aradia series

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Maggie Sunseri sobriety and social media

Sobriety Has Made Me Scared to Say Anything At All

I used to fashion my life like I would a story. I used people as characters on my adventures, and I stepped into the role of someone who could travel anywhere, talk to anyone, try anything at all. But when the story ended and I returned to myself, I had to start from scratch. There are no more roles and plots to escape into in my life. I’m just me.

BDSM and patriarchy and sex and women supporting women

BDSM and the Patriarchy Pt. 2

We must find a way to engage in constructive dialogue that both recognizes the power of books to impact the real world and also honors the humanity of writers and readers who see stories as far more fantasy than reality. There is always a middle ground—a compassionate, nuanced, and holistic ground—and I hope we can always dig through the anger, antagonism, and divisiveness to find it, together.

Tarot Card practice Maggie Sunseri

Introduction to My Tarot Card Practice

Tarot cards have helped me to believe that there is something or someone out there who is rooting for me, who wants the best for me, and who wants to help me on my way. Even if it’s just a higher version of myself. In the end, we might just be guiding each other…

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