Arisen (Awaken Book Two )

When questioning everything means life or death, it’s time to rise up.

 It’s been three years since Luna and Jasper escaped the oppressive and sinister society of Oportet, and at first glance their lives finally seem normal. But when Jasper’s old friends come to Portland, Luna is forced to confront the demons that never stopped haunting her. Soon her relationship with Jasper is threatened by a man who seems to know all about the darkness within, and Luna realizes her work in Oportet is not yet finished.

Since Luna fled Oportet, her younger sister Megan now stokes the flames of the rebellion she sparked. Among the shadows, a group of young men and women work to undermine their new leader’s reign. The stakes grow higher as anyone questioning authority disappears into a secret building, only to emerge with altered minds. As Megan juggles friendships, romance, and subversion, she discovers that her decision to let Luna leave without her was the most powerful of all.

As the history of the once great United States of America is revealed, Luna and Megan unknowingly work together to fight for knowledge, freedom, and truth, until their paths cross again.

If you like romance, suspense, and young adult rebellion against fascist, dystopian regimes, you will love this fast-paced sequel to Maggie Sunseri’s debut novel Awaken.


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