Stalked by Seduction and Shadows

Stalked by Seduction and Shadows

(Eternal Obsession Duet – Book 1)

A dark obsession fantasy romance in a city of warring vampire clans, perfect for fans of Haunting Adeline, From Blood and Ash, and Gild.


I am an object of desire. My powers of seduction are my survival, my weapon, and my curse. I’m no stranger to obsession, but for the first time, I crave it. I love when he watches me, follows me, hunts me.

In the mortal lands, I was safe from him. Navigating a city of ruthless vampires to save my sister from the human slave trade was already treacherous. But with the ruling vampire lord’s unrelenting focus on me, I fear his shadows might never let me go.


I’ve always watched her. But now I more than desire her; I thirst for her. She is my addiction, my soul, my Little Flame. I tried to let her go, but she found her way back to me, and I’ve taken that as permission. I’ll claim her in front of the whole world if that’s what it takes to protect what’s mine.

As war and upheaval threaten the city I have ruled for centuries, it is this vulnerable, tempting human who poses the biggest threat of all. I might be Scarlett’s worst nightmare, but this little seductress will be my very undoing.

Stalked by Seduction and Shadows is the first book in a dark fantasy romance duet featuring a morally gray, obsessed hero, a seductress heroine, shadow magick, vampire clans, and love written in the stars.


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