Stalked by Seduction and Shadows

Taken by Touch and Torment

(Eternal Obsession Duet – Book 2)

The second installment in a dark obsession fantasy romance duet set in a city of warring vampire clans, perfect for fans of Haunting AdelineFrom Blood and Ash, and Gild.


All my life, I’ve been scorned for what I am: an object of desire, a temptress, a demon. Now my dark and mysterious powers of seduction might be my only salvation.

I am living in a nightmare. Rune’s voice torments me. Cruel hands offer touch and torture that I cannot refuse. My addictive blood spurs obsession and frenzy, but I am not defenseless. The born vampires can’t fathom the embodiment of wrath and vengeance they are forging from sin and blood.


All her life, I have watched her from the shadows. Now she haunts my every moment, my every dream. She is inescapable: the vastness of an ocean, the radiance of a field of stars, the deep darkness of divine feminine rage.

Valentin is in a state of upheaval. One wrong move could provoke the annihilation of everything my clan has built, the destruction of the city my Scarlett adores. I am trapped by duty, bound by loyalty. But each day that passes without my Little Flame, the more famished my shadows become.

One day, they will feast.


Warning: This is the second and final installment in the Eternal Obsession duet. You must read Stalked by Seduction and Shadows first. Content warnings can be found here.

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