The Scorned by Maggie Sunseri Lost Witches of Aradia

The Claimed (The Lost Witches of Aradia — Book 6)

Long live Áine, Queen of Aradia…

As uprisings and rebellions rage across the realm, Áine grapples with the consequences of her perilous decision. Drowning under the burden of grief, guilt, and shame, she wrestles with the shadows for control of her body and soul. Though her fierce protector, Daelon, has gone cold and unreadable—he remains in the castle, compelled to watch the love of his life get ever closer to his enemy.

When Lucius urges his new Queen to help him squash the revolution, Áine is forced to decide once and for all: fight for the realm or submit to the shadows.

The Claimed is the addictive, fast-paced sixth installment in The Lost Witches of Aradia series.

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