A Lost Witches of Aradia Short Story

The Cursed Castle: A Lost Witches of Aradia Short Story

IMPORTANT: Because of spoilers, this is meant to be read AFTER you have finished The Discovered.

Here for your free bonus story? Just sign up for my newsletter down below to get it straight to your inbox. This peek into castle life before Áine’s arrival to court is told from Taryn’s perspective, a character you’ll be seeing a lot more of in future books. (She’s AWESOME. I promise.) Ever wonder what the hell Daelon’s insidious curse accomplished? The time in the clearing where he channeled seriously bad energy to distract Lucius and buy time? Read this short story to find out, and along the way you will learn more about Daelon and Lucius’s pasts, as well as the seductive and dangerous castle they call home.

Before you do, I just wanted to thank you once again for reading my book. I’m so glad you want to read more. Lucky for you, The Coveted, Book 2 in The Lost Witches of Aradia series, is available in February 2022. If you liked The Discovered, I would be eternally grateful if you left a review on your preferred bookseller’s website.

I’ll be sending good witchy vibes along with the free short story, as an added bonus. 😉

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