writer burnout

First, I just want to thank everyone who purchased a paid subscription. This post is unlocked only for you! It’s almost been a year since I first started this newsletter, which was two months before I launched my indie author career. And just like when I released my books, at the beginning, I was essentially writing to no one. Newly sober, terrified of vulnerability, and unsure of my own authentic voice, I just started writing and hitting publish. Sometimes we have to find ourselves along the way.

The fact that I now have people who are paying to read what I have to say… I can’t even describe the depth of gratitude I feel.

In my last article, I shared what had brought me to the crossroads—the two forking paths that either led me to take responsibility for my soul’s purpose, or to deny it altogether. So what happened after I accepted the call? Am I making a living through writing yet? What does my career look like nine months in?

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