The Illuminated by Maggie Sunseri Book3 of The Lost Witches of Aradia

The Illuminated (The Lost Witches of Aradia — Book 3)

The borders between the dimensions are crumbling, yet all Lucius cares about is making Áine his Queen.

After surviving Nathaniel’s violent plot, Áine is fiercely determined to travel to the Akashic Records and uncover the dark reality behind Lucius’s unnatural rise to power. As she strives to fulfill her destiny to free the truth from its binds and restore the natural balance of the Universe, Lucius only grows more adamant that Áine is his—a gift from the heavens that ordained him King. To make matters worse, Nathaniel may have succeeded in planting the seed of doubt into the King’s mind, casting Daelon and Áine’s relationship under harsh scrutiny.

Caught in an escalating, magickal arms race, Lucius and Áine plot against each other and send the entire castle into clashing turmoil in their wake. All the while, Daelon and Áine’s dangerous, secret affair only grows more and more volatile and all-consuming. Now everyone is forced to choose a side, and the list of deceits, magickal subterfuge, and cosmic mysteries only grows longer. Who will be left standing when this ethereal castle of lies, pleasure, and magick comes crashing down?

The Illuminated is the addictive, fast-paced third installment in The Lost Witches of Aradia series. Grab a copy today and fall under Áine’s spell as she guides you through a compelling journey through her multidimensional reality.

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