A Lost Witches of Aradia Bonus Chapter

Daelon’s POV: Áine’s Coronation (A Lost Witches of Aradia Bonus Chapter)

IMPORTANT: Because of spoilers, this is meant to be read AFTER you have finished The Scorned.

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Want to know what Daelon was thinking when Áine betrayed him and became Queen of Aradia? This chapter includes a bonus scene with Lucius-Daelon drama, as well as Daelon’s POV of the ritual itself. Still in emotional turmoil from The Scorned? Well… this chapter probably won’t help matters. But you’re welcome to come hang out in the coven to discuss that killer ending (sorry, lol) with other readers and decompress from all the intensity. We’re big fans of warm beverages and snacks, movie nights, and self-care. 😉

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