The Scorned by Maggie Sunseri Lost Witches of Aradia

The Scorned (The Lost Witches of Aradia — Book 5)

With the fate of Aradia in Áine’s hands, she must choose between letting the love of her life die or submitting to the Shadow King.

While rebellion against the Kingdom intensifies across the realm, Áine, Daelon, and the Icierans are drawn to Aurora Aurea, where witches are gathering to build an army. Áine and Daelon’s relationship is put to the test when Daelon’s body and mind are ravaged by poison. As the sickness draws out Daelon’s dark side, Áine must reckon with her own shadow self, a beast that grows ever stronger as her mountain of secrets reaches new heights.

Lucius, who continues to mystify Áine with his mercurial demeanor and endless contradictions, only works harder to win over his Queen.

When Daelon’s time runs short, no one is prepared for the chaos, betrayal, and upheaval that sends shockwaves across the witch realm and throughout the universe.

The Scorned is the addictive, fast-paced fifth installment in The Lost Witches of Aradia series. Grab a copy today and fall under Áine’s spell as she guides you through a compelling journey through her multidimensional reality.

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